Enercoop is a cooperative electricity supplier providing 100% renewable energy with a short circuit logic. It has been awarded as one of the only “really green” energy providers by Greenpeace. Enercoop aims to source directly and exclusively from renewable energy producers and develops tools to control the demand for electricity. With 11 cooperatives, Enercoop’s network is organized on the principles of shared, transparent and democratic governance, and supports sustainable local citizen projects. In October 2019, Enercoop had over 83,000 customers, including 45,000 members, 250 producers and 200 employees.

To amplify the movement and change scale by reaching the general public even more, Enercoop asked Look Sharp to put the emphasis on the company, its values ​​and its actions via targeted media activities. The focus is to bring its spokespersons and local projects to a wider consumer target audience, while continuing to strengthen ties with the energy and sustainable development oriented media.

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