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Look Sharp is a pioneering agency when it comes to communicating transition issues

Look Sharp’s approach to PR is :  listening, understanding, sharing, convincing within our client’s organisation and beyond.  Our skills and experience provide us with a broad spectrum of corporations’ communications and our client’s potential opportunities within it.  Our view is that communication is more than the sum of its’ parts:  “Our approach is motivated by the will to serve the business interests of our clients through targeted campaigns aimed at making our clients closer to their stakeholders.”

Our expertise in the tech culture and our true interest for current, topical issues concerning society today, makes us naturally interested in innovative companies – Dynamic, innovative forerunners:  We look like our clients and our clients look like us.

Our vision

The different process of influences are intimately connected and impact one another.  As such, Look Sharp PR is definitely not limited to sending out press releases. 

Our goal is to help our clients reach the right people – these range from media, bloggers, conference organisers, potential partners, open innovation partners, associates, donors, prospective customers…

Strategy, tactics and tools are adapted to our clients’ needs and to their ambitions.  Our network is our clients’ network which is beneficial to us all.

Our job

Develop excellent relationship

« It is a question of anchoring our clients into the social issues that are of concern to them and in which they are legitimate. As such, Look Sharp is more than just an agency: It is a workshop of ideas for organisations who wish to have a say and indeed a role in society »

Our job is to bring our clients closer to their publics. The key to this is in establishing a strategic communication plan that successfully converges all channels of communication.

PR like Perfect Relations

Social networks, online press, transformations within the editorial services, multi-faceted influencers, a wider number of occasions to take the floor: Public Relations is evolving with increased access points across the communications spectrum. In this context, our clients need a trusted partner to provide advice on how to make strategic choices. We always act in close collaboration with the internal communication teams, and we aim for the same goals as they do. Our mission is to achieve client agreed objectives by creating links with the publics and the influencers that matter to the client and its sector, and developing a credible and influential voice within it through leveraging current affairs and developments on topics which the client can share their vision.

Intelligent Press Relations: No more massive press releases

Media relations no longer consists of publishing press releases like a machine for an always-growing list of journalists. Intelligent press relations is comprised of pitching relevant and accurate messages from the point of view of its editors’ favourite topics, of the media’s editorial policy, of the economic or social context, etc… Likewise, PR should not be isolated from other means of company’s communication – we make it all coherent. Our job is to help our clients understand and embrace this approach and integrate it within the company’s global communication’s strategy.

Corporate social responsibility

Between rejection and trivialisation, greenwashing and greenhiding, the topics related to corporate social responsibility are not easy to broach in business. Access to tenders, reputational risks, social dialogue, proximity to communities is also important to our clients : And yet the stakes regarding CSR are very real and highly strategic. This is why we include them in our plans of communication from the project design stage. Global consideration of these topics, presented in a transparent and responsible way, is a source of opportunities at all levels; Staff members’ support, employment brand, image, innovation, and of course profundity and consistency of messages, interest of media publics and stakeholders.

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Let's create communication strategies together

Our goal : to make you emerge in your eco-system of influence and in the news

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