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A lab of ideas for organisations who want to act and communicate in phase with the society

"The old-fashioned way of doing PR no longer exists. At a time of transparency, facilitated by the Web 2.0 and requested by the stakeholders, organisations need to relearn/reinvent how to communicate."
Béatrice Lévêque

An evolving approach

Service needs have expanded but budgets won’t necessarily increase accordingly. Thus, we advocate a shared and transversal approach for corporate communication.

Look Sharp designs and implements global and relevant communication programs, which draw on current developments, the business market and specific features of our clients.

A multi-channel offering


Our mission is to build bridges between our clients’ business objectives and the way they present themselves to their audiences. We can take a helicopter view but we don’t stay at stratospheric heights: Our recommendations are down to earth and we know how to make them real for our clients. 

Efficient press relations

We have a proactive and personnalized approach to press relations. Shooting press releases to hundreds of contacts is not what we believe in! After media mapping and a good understanding of our clients’ needs, Look Sharp engages with a core target audience, with a contextualized approach. Definition and implementation of the PR programs, relaying messages, set-up of meetings with journalists: We are our clients’ partners, the extention of their communication team  towards the media and influencers.

Public Relations Programmes 

Apart from the media, our role is to make our clients closer to other influential players in their respective ecosystems. To do so, we adapt our PR program, aiming at opportunities of conferences, think tanks, trade shows, B2B meetings or events for the general public,  as many occasions to meet, mingle and take the floor – thus creating real opportunities to build connections, create and be part of communities.

Issues monitoring

Our PR activities echo our clients’marking planning, of course, but we also monitor the legal and political agenda on top of it. We have a proactive approach to the media agenda and to the journalists’ interests, to bring our spokespeople into the debate, around the topics on which they are relevant and legitimate : CSR, innovation, emerging business and other topics of societal transformation.

Thought leadership 

The image of the company also involves its embodiment, through personalities, directors, founders but also committed employees in an increasingly crowded market and a busy media scene, it is essential to stand out. Promoting someone to the media coverage is very different from pushing a brand, but both are essential, in a common strategy, with different tactics and complementary tools – but always in a coherent way.


Feeding the communication strategy with facts and figures is important. Adapting market or sector studies from the marketing team, benchmarking of competition’s communication strategies, using perception studies with different audiences including internal ones, designing surveys with polling companies or stakeholders studies etc. can support message development just like PR campaigns.


Opinions pages, press releases, pitches, blog posts, presentations, speeches or corporate communication materials… The PR program relies on content. We work closely with our clients to co-construct these contents, in a pragmatic way, using existing material as well as their news and activities. 

Strategic support

We support our client’s from strategy planning to tactical execution of the program.  And at that stage, our clients are not on their own: Pre-interview briefing, attendance at journalists’ meetings, debriefing and follow-up… All along the program, we act as a partner, by supporting them through media training of the spokepeople, delivering communication and PR trainings or helping them to use social media tools. 

CSR and communication 

Communication on CSR topics is a high-risk exercise. That’s what all those who have been accused of greenwashing will tell you. Journalists and the audiences in general, are increasingly educated on these topics. Any communication will only be effective if the content is consistent with the form – specifically on CSR related topics.  We can also help with perception studies, analysis, and the organisation of internal seminars. But above all, we help our clients to communicate what they really do, with sincerity and legitimacy. 

We work with our clients to meet the challenges of their sector and the problems of tomorrow.

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