TIPA, which was co-founded by Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO, in 2010,is a young Israelian company, the first to offer an innovating alternative to brands who are looking for flexible packaging for food, fashion or e-commerce and care for the environment. TIPA’s packaging solutions have similar mechanical and shelf-life properties as ordinary plastic but are 100% compostable (with Vinçotte label that indicates it it suitable for home and industrial compost). TIPA is a solution that addresses the global urge for plastic waste reduction at the source – as a growing part of flexible plastic packaging simply cannot be recycled – for technical and financial reasons – and ends up not being treated which is an ecological scandal and an economical aberration.

What we do : Press and public relations to build relationship with the ecosystem and anticipate, understand and take action around the new compost value chain and its new and up coming regulations

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