Founded in 2013, Ignition Program supports and recruits talents for startups and high-growth companies in Europe. Ignition Program generates 4 million Euros turnover in 2019, by selecting and training the best candidates among 2,500 monthly applicants to enable them to access to the best companies among their 1,500 partner clients. Ignition Program is based in Paris and Lisbon and employs around 50 employees, including 30 coaches who provide day-to-day support to candidates and partner companies. Ignition Program won the Réseau Entreprendre award in 2015, came first in the Happy At Work ranking of compagnies under 25 employees in 2017, and was nominated for the EY Startup of the Year award in 2019.

Management is experiencing an important economic and societal turning point where Ignition Program has its place as an actor and solutions integrator. Look Sharp supports Ignition Program in this transition to ensure that journalists and influencers, the core target audience of HR start-ups and businesses, are aware of what the program has to offer. Look Sharp also accompanies them to influence the public debate via the general press. Beyond the press, it is about identifying Ignition Program’s talents and using them to extend the reach of their program through think tanks, conferences, clubs, circles, and events. 

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