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With our skills and experiences we share a proactive, relevant and engaged way to operate for our clients

Béatrice Lévêque

How to stand out from competitors – and be heard – with all the digital noise?After 15 years experience at Ogilvy and Porter Novelli, Beatrice shares with the team and clients, her own vision of public relations.

“I am always encouraging my clients to take a step back from their day to day agenda and take a higher view perspective on their own market. I try to put myself in their shoes and analyse the news through their experience in order to make their stakes relevant within the Big Picture.”

Beatrice’s role is to participate with the team, placing the client’s views and activities back into their broader context for an efficient communication programme and crafting messages that stand out of the crowded media agenda.

“I am trying to take the best of my experience garnered from big agencies, whilst providing current edgy, insights with the quick actions of a start-up. My goal is to propose a unique angle, and contribute to building a trusting relationship which is likely to ensure the success of the programmes which we define and implement for our clients ».

Céline Puff Ardichvili
Managing partner

“ Effectively communicating a CSR strategy has nothing to do with being somehow super cool” It’s business. HR, energy efficiency isses, employer brand, marketing, differentiator against the competition, purchasing policy, risk management, and RFPs which are very real and down to earth enterprise issues. It’s our role to address them within global communication programmes, aimed at stakeholders, including staff.”

Celine spent over 17 years working in technology gaining experience with innovative clients through her work at award winning PR agencies, including Shandwick, Hotwire, ….) and three years with a marketing role within a client’s business. Additionally Celine completed a Masters degree at University Paris Dauphine where she studied sustainable development for international organisations and gained real and practical expertise on the topic.

Celine then joined Beatrice Lévêque, whom she met while at Porter Novelli. Her role is to develop client’s communication’s strategies using her insights and experience to provide the client with a broader view.

Lorraine Brucker Romac
Account director

Lorraine has developed skills through multiple experiences in press relations. After a Master degree in Strategy and Communication Consultancy and a working experience abroad, Lorraine has worked as PR consultant in the high-tech department of Burson-Marsteller i&e. She had been working for nearly two years with French and international B2B/B2C clients and has thus built a confirmed profile.

« Regardless of the sector, I have always appreciated the fact of discovering and assimilating the DNA and business challenges of the companies I have worked with. Extracting their essence and bringing it to the attention of media and players in their industry have always interested me. For me, this is where the exciting challenge of PR lies for me ! »

Lorella Contardo
Account director

Lorella has been developing her skills through her 6 years of experience in PR agencies. She has worked on the exposure of international clients such as AccorHotels Group, British Airways, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and Five Guys.

In 2018, she joins LookSharp to develop the Lifestyle and Consumer expertise.

Her vision of the job? Guide her clients according to their issue and address the right content at the right time, to the proper target and through the proper channel: relevance, creativity, reactivity.

Human contact being a core value in PR, Lorella has developed a network of journalists and influencers as well as an in-depth expertise of the hospitality sector.

“What captivates me most in my job? The need to constantly reinvent the way we communicate, to adapt our strategies to each different player, to, eventually, optimize the visibility of our clients”

Alexandre Le Moal

With a double degree – Master of Science In International Media Management at Griffith College Dublin and a Master in Strategic Marketing at EFAP Paris – Alexandre has developed a strong interest in Communication and PR though 3 years of agency experience. Alexandre has worked for businesses including LG Electronics, TripAdvisor and Accor’s Luxury brands.

Inspired by the issues of eco-tourism, innovation and sustainability, Alexandre joined Look Sharp in early 2020. He now wishes to put his skills at the service of compagnies that make a positive change, by enabling them to deliver their messages to journalists and influencers. 

« Discovering new sectors, assimilating the challenges of my clients and contributing to their influence is very stimulating for me. My motivation? To work hand in hand with innovative change-makers who share my values and to support them on a daily basis to contribute to their visibility ».

Agathe Alexandre

Deeply interested in history, literature, and social issues, Agathe got into a renowned and intensive foundation degree in literature called hypokhâgne. Over the course of her studies at Sciences Po Toulouse, she specialised in communication after  a first experience at Angelo Sensini Communication, a PR agency in Paris.

Having previously worked in the press relations department of a large cosmetics group and a Lifestyle PR Agency, she joined Look Sharp in May 2021. Within this agency, Agathe is now able to combine her personal convictions with her  professional skills to work with companies and have a positive impact on the planet

« Curious by nature, and committed to the subjects I am passionate about, I’m motivated to work in PR as it gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in new areas with any client I work with. »

Gauthier Depetiteville

After graduating from Sciences Po Lyon with a master’s degree in communication, and having always been interested in current affairs, Gauthier was attracted to public and press relations.
He joined Look Sharp in January 2022 first as an intern, before joining the consulting team.The opportunity to work in an area that interests him, with clients of different nature and sectors, while trying to address current issues is really what motivates him on a daily basis.

“What I like about press relations and in particular about Look Sharp is the opportunity to learn about virtuous actors while helping them to be known. On our scale, we try to promote positive and impactful alternatives to address major contemporary issues.”

Gauthier Depetiteville

After studying law, Léna decided to pursue her studies in communication. After a Master’s degree in Digital, E-business & Social Media, and a MBA in Event Marketing & Cultural Communication, Léna has developed a strong interest in PR. She had the opportunity to work in various sectors (music, tech, DIY, home, consumer) during her different experiences in agencies. Léna has worked with brands such as Vahiné, Barilla, and Ariel on their PR strategy. Wishing to evolve in a sector specialized in sustainable development and energy transition, Léna joined Look Sharp in January 2023. She now wishes to be an actor of change, giving voice and visibility to companies / brands that want to make a professional transformation.

“What excites me the most about PR? The fact that I am building daily relationships with journalists and influencers on topics that will make a difference. Delivering the right message at the right time is the key to good communication. Curious and passionate, this commitment to companies and brands motivates me daily and pushes me to surpass myself to contribute to the client’s development.”


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